Died October 29th, 1999.

People Die. People Die Every day. People who are as loving, kind hearted, caring, and as radiant as Krystalia never die. Her memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Krystalia passed away at 12:30PM on October 29th, 1999. She was battling ovarian cancer that was diagnosed about 10 months prior. In her last few months it spread to her major organs, sending her into a coma early Friday morning, and then her heart stopped and she passed away that afternoon. Her family was at her side.

The memorial service for Krystalia was held Monday (11-1-99) night in Florida. She was laid to rest with some objects picked out by her friends and family:

Photo Gallery

E-Mails sent in for Krys

  • Her favorite Ramones CD
  • A Jimmy Buffett tape she had worn out
  • The Pulp Fiction Sountrack
  • Mardi Gras beads from our time in New Orleans
  • A Linux Penguin stuffed animal
  • Her Marvin the Martian figure off of her monitor
  • And a pack of cigarettes with a note on the back: "'Go to hell, I'm gonna smoke them anyway."

We have built Krystalia.org to forever serve in her memory. She was a friend to many, and loved by many. We have a lot to put up for her. Poems, letters, pictures, and other things people have contributed.

Daily Krystalia is bringing out the best in people. I get E-mails every day from random people telling me how sorry they are, and how they feel our loss. Everyones words are very kind, we appreciate it very much. Thank you.

If you have something you would like to share, or to add to the list of links for her, or you want to contribute or write something in honor of her, Please e-mail it to comments |at| krystalia (dot) org

A final note, when you look at the pictures in the above links, you will notice something about Krystalia.. She is always smiling.. Smile when you think about her.